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Hey dear readers, here’s the 2nd gallery of my creations…..

Yes these r made by me!!

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Hey guys what if MJHT got so popular that it became the cover of our everyday notebooks…heres the example:

mjht -bookcover



SaJan 11th Sept

mayur 6

SaJan 8






Hey dear readers, these are a few of my creations…..

Yes these r made by me!!

If u like my work……PLZZZZ DO COMMENT!!


Sajan 3


SaJan 7a

MayUr 5

MayUr 4a

*Edited 17th Aug*

SaJan 5

IN, Mile Jab Hum Tum………….22nd july!

Sajan pillar

IN, 31st July: MJHT………… its Pool Party!!!


M n S_96

MayUr 3_86

MayUr 2a_96

MayUr 2_96

IN, 6th July: Finally…….Mile Jab Hum Tum!!! (11)

MayUr by me

IN, 26th June: Finally…….Mile Jab Hum Tum!!! (5)

MayUr C

IN, Mile Jab Hum Tum………….22nd july!

MayUr locket

IN, 20th July: Mile Jab Hum Tum………….MayUr Date!!! (3)

MayUr 1


July 31, 2009

The episode starts at Samrat’s Farm House, where sheens calls the pool boy and tells him to do everything as per her instructions…..he agrees and leaves from there. As she turns, she sees Nupur standing in front of her…..Sheena is terrified thinking Nupur heard her plans……but Nupur hasn’t. Then Sheena says that they should go inside as Dia has planned a game……..hearing this Nupur wonders and asks her, ‘then why are you here outside?????” …Sheena gets all pale faced without an answer  and right then RV comes fro her rescue and says that Uday is searching for her for some emergency food stuff. Nupur all irritated says, ‘this Uday bhaiya naah….alwaz food, food and food….nothing else!!….oh no but the food bag is with Gunjan” and she leaves to look for her. Then RV tells Sheena to be more careful and says, “it’s very easy to start a plan but real difficult to finish it’ and i don’t any speed breakers in my plan”. Sheena giving a cheeky smile replies, ‘this mistake won’t happen again, this plan is imp for me too”….they leave.

Next we see Samrat and Mayank by the pool, where Sam shares the good news that he escaped going to the danger zone as he was about to forget his 1 month anniversary (relation with Sheena)….then they are discussing how there’s anniversary for everything in relationship (ha ha!!) and finally Sam says that its great that Sheena is in good mood otherwise he would’ve looked like an uninvited guest here….at this Mayank says, ‘be careful, if she remembers it again after 10 days, you’ll be in trouble’. Samrat quickly replies, ‘memory of girls is a very dangerous thing”……… “Specially when the boy is wrong” says Mayank. Hearing this Samrat very sweetly asks, ‘dude! I can smell experience in your voice….are you and Nupur…like officially a couple??” Mayank is quite…

Then, its Uday walking around looking for Benji and suddenly he bumps into him and when Benji tries to escape….he catches him and says, ‘dude! you didn’t find me a girlfriend….you broke my heart into even smaller pieces than before….bla bla… Benji getting all frustrated tells Uday to stop talking and listen to him and so calming down Benji tells him that he has found a girl for him (Uday is soooooo happy to hear this) Benji tells him to wait for the call of the girl and saying this he goes inside the room.  There he thinks of something and picks up the phone (LL) and calls Uday ……..oh no!! he’s talking to Uday in a girl’s voice and Uday falls for it….…still Uday calls to Benji for every answer (that Benji’s only asking).……and finally fix a time for meeting *as in a Date*….

Back at the pool side, Mayank replies to Samrat’s question in both Yes and No and asks Sam not to say anything of it to Nupur……..Sam tells him that he hasn’t said anything yet so….. ## again starts their code language##   M n S……Mayank says, ‘just laid the foundation and I was about to start with the building when……… every thing messed up!!” right then Sam sees, Nupur walking on the other side of the pool with Benji….she notices these two talking. Samrat says that hearing Mayank and seeing the expression on Nupur’s face….it sure seems there are dark clouds hovering over; Mayank sees Nupur and they

both share a soft smile…… Mayank replies to what Sam said, ‘sometimes it feels like a clear sky but then again it feels like dark clouds’…….at this Samrat getting up asks, ‘but dude what happened??’ so Mayank tells him in short that he did a mistake and then apologized to Nupur and so she said everything’s OK!………. Samrat all surprised questions, ‘Nupur said this < everything’s OK> and when Mayank replies Yes to this……….Samrat laughs at it and says, “Dude, Rule no. 1. when a girl says that *everything’s OK*, then nothing’s ok or fine instead it worse” and then explains Mayank that after saying it (everything’s OK) did Nupur try to talk to you….Mayu says No ……did she smile at you…Yes says Mayu …….but were her teeth showing?……Mayu  says i guess No……. finally Samrat say, “point to be noted, the girl is still mad and if you don’t convince her…you can too go into that danger zone that I acutely escaped. But still Mayank is confused on what to do to melt the girl’s (Nupur) anger……so again Sam helps him out by telling him to do anything for the girl that makes her feel the most special person in your life. Mayank getting the point says, ‘I’ve said all what to be said, now its action time”…..both smile and leave.

Then, Dia announces and invites everyone to play the game of “Truth and Dare” and also suggests to start playing near the……hearing this, Sheena says to RV that Dia’s stupid game will ruin their plans; and he tells her to be calm as he’ll find a way……and after a moment when Dia comes to RV asking that why isn’t he sitting to play he says that he thinks that its gonna rain and so…..; Dia falls for it and decides to play inside and leaves to inform all. Sheena and RV share a wicked smile!!!!

On the other side, Gunjan is just into herself (not quite) enjoying the greenery, when she sees a vein of sweet flowers but couldn’t reach one on the height so starts to leave……..when suddenly, like wind blows the flowers and leaves lessening on her while she’s smiling, enjoying it all MS2..….and then we see all this done by Samrat hiding behind the bushes and happy to see his Chashmish Happy. The very sweetly he jumps in front of her and offers the *same* flower that she wanted and she takes it shying and on getting a thanks from Gunjan Samrat says, “no thanks, to see smile on my best friend’s face a can get her

*{the pics r also in The Picture Gallery}*

stars from the sky also…so this flower is nothing”  Gunjan tries to say something about stars but Samrat interrupts her with a cute smile says, ‘Please don’t ask for them (Stars)” She says that she wont and she is happy with this flower only. Samrat then tells her to come inside to play ‘Truth and Dare’ and Gunjan with a confused look asks what does this game mean and he explains, first the truth part, – “if I choose truth so I’ll say that Gunjan is responsible for this smile on my face today”…they share a lovable smile. Then she asks, “and what’s dare??”…….at this Samrat looks at her with a naughty smile and starts to walk towards her and she runs away saying, “I got it…now not another hug Samrat!!”……this leaves Sam all amused and he says, “oh but how did she know…Chashmish is now reading my mind…Not Bad!!!”

Everyone gathers to play game and Mayank indicates Nupur to sit next to him but she doesn’t and instead Annie sits there and Mayank holds her hand thinking of it to be Nupur and when he realizes it, he sees Nupur smiling at him sitting right opposite to him……

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