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Hey dear readers, here’s the 2nd gallery of my creations…..

Yes these r made by me!!

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Hey guys what if MJHT got so popular that it became the cover of our everyday notebooks…heres the example:

mjht -bookcover



SaJan 11th Sept

mayur 6

SaJan 8






Hey dear readers, these are a few of my creations…..

Yes these r made by me!!

If u like my work……PLZZZZ DO COMMENT!!


Sajan 3


SaJan 7a

MayUr 5

MayUr 4a

*Edited 17th Aug*

SaJan 5

IN, Mile Jab Hum Tum………….22nd july!

Sajan pillar

IN, 31st July: MJHT………… its Pool Party!!!


M n S_96

MayUr 3_86

MayUr 2a_96

MayUr 2_96

IN, 6th July: Finally…….Mile Jab Hum Tum!!! (11)

MayUr by me

IN, 26th June: Finally…….Mile Jab Hum Tum!!! (5)

MayUr C

IN, Mile Jab Hum Tum………….22nd july!

MayUr locket

IN, 20th July: Mile Jab Hum Tum………….MayUr Date!!! (3)

MayUr 1


19th July 2010:

The episode begins where it had left off, means after the game of ‘Truth n Dare’ …Samrat is revealing his true identity to Gunjan by removing his fake beard, moustaches n his turban …seeing which Gunjan is shocked. She enraged n gets up to leave …Samrat calls out ‘Chashmish’ …n she angrily replies ‘enough …now, not another word from you. What was the meaning of this prank? …I’d told you that there’s nothing left between us, so what do you wanna prove by doing all this drama” …she once again scolds him n leaves his all distressed n sad (aww he’s sooo cute).

As Samrat steps forward to go after Gunjan, Mayank stops him saying ‘right now, she wont listen to anyone, let her go’ ….Sam replies ‘you’re right Mayank, Gunjan is again hurt coz of me …but I also know that she was on the verge of transforming back to the Gunjan from 3 yrs ago…being happy, to live life to the fullest; and I think, if I hadn’t done this drama, then I would’ve lost this last chance of seeing her smiling face, forever …how I could’ve let this happen {main aisa kaise hone deta, Mayank} (he looks towards the door) …this drama was to bring her back to Excel …but now, what will happen, it’ll be 100% true…I promise you, chashmish” ….Mayank who’s listening to Sam, feels the truth in his words n feelings n steps up to him …he hesitates, but soon places a supportive hand on Samrat’s shoulder n then leaves.

Scene changes to Gunjan, who’s rushing out the house angrily …Mayank reaches her n stops her …she turns n questions him ‘did you knew about this act of Samrat?” …Mayank, after a long pause replies ‘Yes!’ ….Gunjan asks again ‘n you didn’t feel it important enough to tell me this?” …now at this question, Mayank is left speechless …n Gunjan walks away! Mayank follows her. Next, we see Rohan n Ash coming back from their bb match all sweaty …Ash asks Rohan to admit that she’s better than him …but before he could reply, he sneezes up. Seeing which, Ash being all concerned starts wiping off his forehead …n they share an eye lock. and right then, Gunjan comes there, calls out to Ash n says that they’re leaving right away …Rohan is confused …yet he offers to drop them off as its quite late …they agree.

Next day, in Excel Gunjan is shown packing all her stuff back. At the same moment, we see Ria gulping on Ice-cream scoops after scoops …her friend comes there (didn’t get his name) n he says to her that with this diet, she’ll get F-A-T, means fat. And Ria replies ‘ya, I know, but I thought that having Ice-cream might mend my broken heart …instead it broke my fitness mantra’ saying this as she looks around, she spots Mayank walking her way …she stands up smiling on his way …but Mayank walks past her without even noticing her. At this she again gets depressed n complaints to his friend ‘did you see that, Mayank Sir didn’t even notice me’. To which, her friend mocks n says ‘may be that’s coz today you’re wearing clothes from head-to-toe’ …Ria gets mad n leaves yelling at him.

Back to Gunjan, Mayank comes to her n sees her packing …he steps up to her n says that he only allowed Samrat to go ahead with his drama coz he thought that she’ll have her smile back, that’s been lost from last three years. He tries hard to convince her …but she says ‘may be now I don’t want to be happy again n so she wont be able to stay any longer in this college. But before that tell me who’s the real trustee of Excel?’ …Mayank is hesitant as he tells her about the confusion they had that day n then finally he says the name ‘Its Samrat’ Gunjan is shocked …again!!

Scene changes n we see Rohan calling his sister Ria hurriedly …but she refuses saying her mood isn’t up to it …to which Rohan sounding irritated asks ‘don’t tell me, its Mayank Sir again?’ …but he doesn’t pay attention n they both walk towards Sam’s office. Now in the cabin, Samrat half –way sitting on the table in the center n addressing to his team that they have to do something to keep Gunjan in Excel, as he cannot allow her to walk out of his life again. Ria n Love act funny …to which, Rohan asks Sam to ignore them n also assures them that they all are with him. Just then, Ash walks in …she only heard ‘we’re all with you’ line n so she asks ‘together in what?” …to this, Ria being herself says ‘Sorry late-comers not allowed …btw why should we tell you our plan’ ….Ash gets suspicious on hearing this. And so to put he off, Samrat takes the lead n steps up to her…takes her aside n softly tells her ‘well, we all know that the College counselor wants to resign, but I want …means, we all want her to stay” ….Ash discourages them all saying that if Gunjan has made up her mind for anything, then its impossible to make he change her mind. To this, Samrat says ‘but we all listen to out heart. What does your heart tell you …should Gunjan stay or not?” …after a minute of thought, ash replies that Gunjan shouldn’t leave Excel. Samrat is motivated n he gathers them up like a huddle to discuss their Plan of Action!

So, next we see Gunjan in the corridor, when Ria comes up to he n stats complaining of her depressed life …initially Gunjan is shocked …n then she tells Ria about her resignation …hearing this, Ria yells out ‘No, I’ll commit suicide …I mean, I’ll commit a Fashion suicide, from today, this moment, I’ll stop wearing all branded clothes’ ….Gunjan after a deep breath, simply refuses to help pout Ria any longer ….n walks away. Then, as Gunjan reaches the other corner of the corridor, Ash comes marching to her n says ‘Di, how can you leave me all alone in this Excel n go?’ …at this Gunjan all surprised says ‘but Ash, its been only two days that I’ve been in this college” …Ash looks away n then says ‘that’s it, its just been tow days n you’re leaving me helpless in this big bad world …go away …i don’t want to see your face” before Gunjan could think or say anything on this drama, Ash leaves from there.

Meanwhile Rohan goes in Gunjan’s cabin n asks the peon to put back he stuff inside, as it’s the orders of the College trustee. And then he wonders that why haven’t Samrat sir called yet…

Back with Gunjan, where she gets her next interruption, when Shukla Sir comes to talk to her …n as Gunjan tells him that she’s resigned, Shukla Sir is left shocked. To this, he tells her that anyone who joins this college leaves only with the permission of the trustee …Gunjan instantly replies ‘and I’m going for that only Sir. Can you tell me where can I find him?’ …but at this, when Sir starts up with his crazy talk …Gunjan says she’ll find Mr. Trustee (Sam) himself n leaves from there.

Scene continues as Gunjan is walking through the corridor, where she’s being watched by Rohan n gang …after she passes by them, Rohan hits the guy (i think his name is ‘Love’) n asks him to go do his part …he’s hesitant. But Rohan forcefully throws him in front of Gunjan n Ria too losing her balance joins him …Gunjan is surprised n she looks at them, then the other way …where she spots Rohan n Ash hiding. And seeing this, she with a sigh says ‘oh so you’all were behind all this planning’ she understands their emotions, yet she takes excuse n leaves. They all are left sad n shocked!! Then, Rohan tries Samrat’s cell …but Sam disconnects him …they’re all amazed.

Next we see Gunjan walking, when suddenly a hand comes n pulls her inside a room …she drops her files n is shocked to see Samrat there …as he’s hurriedly locking up the door. She yells at him ‘what’s all this, Samrat?” …at this, Samrat says nothing but just starts walking towards her with his ever cute look …n this makes Gunjan quite uncomfortable as her heart beats starts going up (like alwaz around Samrat). He keeps walking forward …n Gunjan looking scared, looking around keeps stepping backwards ...n finally with his famous smile, Sam says ‘tumhari nazarien jise doond rahi hai, woh tumhare saamne hai chashmish” …Gunjan looks at his with terrified eyes …episode ends on her face!!

15th June 2010 – 16th July 2010: Well, after the mega episode of MJHT n DMG, where we got to see that after many attempts still Sam wasn’t able to met Gunjan as she leaves the place with Mayank.

Later, we see her discussing with Mayank that she cannot see Samrat, as she cannot forgive him for what he did but he asks her to forgive him as they’re still connected …but she disagrees. They both get emotional n then, Mayank leaves. And next we see, Samrat all sad walking alone on the open street …n as he looks up, he spots Gunjan at a distance. He walks to close to her, stands behind her n softly gets hr attention by calling out to her ‘Chashmish!’. Hearing a familiar voice, Gunjan turns around n finds Samrat right in front of her …they share an eye-lock …Samrat steps up to cover the little left distance between them …n in this moment both their eyes are filled with teas as they remember the day that changed their lives forever – the day of the accident! Now, as they come face-to-face, Gunjan very briskly says that he doesn’t have the right to call her ‘chashmish’ …at which Samrat sounding helpless replies ‘oh yes, I forgot I lost my right to call you that 3 yrs ago, when you left me without saying anything’. He then apologizes for his doing n for that day which he says he cannot change …n also he asks her why did she leave without saying anything…Why?? But Gunjan stays mute n turns to walk away …seeing which Samrat tries to make her at least say something n he says ‘if you loved me for even a minute, you’ll turn n look at me’ hearing this Gunjan stops, remembers all the moments when she used to turn back to give n have a last look at he Samrat …but this time she doesn’t turns …but says ‘that day with Di (Nupur), the Samrat I loved also died…our Love died n everything between them is now finished’ n she walks away …leaving Sam all devastated.

That night he drinks up n wandering about …when Ash finds him n she takes him to her place. And in the morning, Gunjan comes over to meet Ash …but she isn’t able to see Samrat walking out as she has her back towards his way. Well, Ash gets caught as Gunjan sees some man leaving her place n that too some what dunk …she questions Ash but she just puts him off.

Well, after this there no such happening that needs special attention, so I’ll brisk though …now Mayank took that Prof. job in Excel n Gunjan after initial sadness is happy with his decision. Then, on the other side we see, that Ash is feeling attracted towards Samrat …whereas he finds out that Ash’s Di is none other but his Chashmish, means Gunjan.

And also he finds out that Rohan likes Ash …so they make a deal that Samrat being that Love Guru will help Rohan to get close to Ash …in return to his help to bring Gunjan back ion Samrat’s life …they both deal up!!

Now, in Mayank’s life, as the story progresses he feels somewhat sympathetic towards Samrat coz he’s not the only one to blame about that speeding accident that took Nupur away from them all. And why only Sam is being punished. Also we get to see that Ria is getting somewhat romantically attracted towards Mayank …but he being Mayank, ignores her.

Then, as Rohan n Samrat have teamed up, they successed in bring Gunjan to Excel …but here comes the big plan. Samrat meets her as ‘Sardar Samarjeet S. Chaddha’ the Trusty of Excel n offers a job of counselor in the college. And she unaware of Samrat’s presence accepts the offer. And later when we see her n Mayank sharing this piece of news …she doesn’t mention the name of the person she met …coz from her side she’s talking n appreciating Mr. Chaddha …whereas Mayank is assuming that Gunjan has forgotten Samrat n wants him back in her life. So, with this confusion Gunjan takes her first steps in Excel after three years n just like her original first meeting …this time too, she loses her books n bends down to pick them up, when her hand gets the shiver on a known touch …but this time it’s Mr. Chaddha in front of her (means Samrat only). They get along well. She goes to take her first lecture n he looks in from the window n seeing his chashmish so close to him after sooo long, he’s just frozen into her innocent beauty. Gunjan feels odd …Rohan too is in the class, as he zaps out Samrat from his staring. And Rohan only helps Sam telling Gunjan that Mr. Chaddha comes up anytime in any class for surprise inspection. Hearing this, Samrat gets a genuine idea to enter in the class n he offers to stay for he lecture …she agrees. While, she circling the class explaining the students, Samrat is sitting dumbstruck staring at her …thinking what he said about her girl of dreams (jab woh chalegi to guitar bajega – that dialogue *he looks sooo cute in that Sardarji get n OMG his expressive eyes!!*)

But soon, his secret bails out on Mayank as he finds Samrat wearing the same locket as Mr. Chaddha n also he finds out his dressing makeup. He confronts him …to which Samrat pleads him to give him one chance to have Gunjan back in his life. Mayank gets thinking. He recalls the positive changes he’s noticed n seen in Gunjan after she met up with Mr. Chadda/Samrat …so for the sake of Gunjan’s happiness. And so, we see Samrat n Gunjan getting along n becoming frnds again.

While all these happenings Nirbhay is missing (wonder where he is??)

Now, back to SG ….excluding Ash (coz she likes Sam) everyone else knows the reality of Samrat/Mr. Chaddha …n so they all plan a get together at Rohan’s place where they decide up on playing the favorite game of all MJHT characters ‘Truth n Dare’.

And as hoped, the chance gets on Mr. Chadda/Samrat …n Gunjan asks him to opt to dare …to which he says that he has spoken his side of the truth (he recalls all his convo with Mayank n Gunjan). So, Gunjan replies ‘ok so till you’ve made us all happy but today do something that’ll make you happy …bring out your real self. But before that he signals Rohan to take Ash away ….Rohan makes up the excuse of BB play match n they both leave the area …n then, Samrat says ‘sabse jyada khushi mujhe tab milegi jab main apna asli chehra, apjke samne khol ke rakh dunga” …saying this, he starts removing his fake beard, moustaches n his turban …n comes out the real face of Samrat in front of Gunjan …meanwhile Gunjan is shocked …Mayank too is left surprised at this daring act of Samrat!!!

14th June 2010:

In the last scene of previous episode, we saw that Samrat gets an anonymous call, that tells him that his frnd Mayank is in trouble n he needs Samrat to reach Kangaroo Club asap…

And now today’s episode, as it’s the Combo episode for DMG n MJHT …the episode starts with Sid (Karan Wahi as Dr. Siddhant) n Armaan waking up together tied with the same pair of hand-cuffs …they’re shocked, they scream out loud …n immediately feel a severe headache. And then with a cool mind they try to remember the last thing that they were doing …n it turns out that they both met at the “Kangaroo Club’ …with this they also find a torn pic of them with a girl …Sid tries to recall her (it’s Gunjan). Then as they search further, they realize that both of their Wallet n Cell phones are missing …n after long arguments n discussions, they decide to go back to the Club n find out, what exactly happened last night! …but still they get their last shock …as they open the window n look out …they find themselves in Excel College!!

And next scene shifts to their place, i.e. Sanjeevani …n we see JP n Jiggy coming in the morgue …they’re planning to do post mortem on one of the bodies …n as they move closer to it, they hear ‘why is it so cold in here?’ they both are stunned. And they both start yelling n screaming on seeing on of the dead bodies getting up …they run away. Now, as this body, wakes up, its face is covered …but as it unveils, we see it’s our Samrat …he’s shocked to see his surroundings …n just as he’s trying to recall, he notices the body next to him waking up too …he turns n finds …its Mayank …they both are shocked n they wonder ‘what are we doing here?’ …Mayank is agitated, he threatens Samrat that if this is one of his pranks then… But before he could finish his sentence, they both notice that they’re tied up with the same pair of hand cuffs (just like Sid-Armaan) …n like them, they too try to remember about last night …following which they too find a torn pi of them with some girl (its Shilpa Anand) …now they’re completely stunned. Sam wonders how this happened …to which Mayank yells n says ‘first we should get out of here’ …saying this as they try to move …they both realize that they’re just covered in those morgue sheets, means they aren’t wearing any clothes.

*It’s  updated…

Scene continues with them, as they help each other to dress up like some Greek Gods wrapped up in white sheets …they decide to break the handcuffs …so does Sid-Armaan on the other side …n so they do. And scene continues with them, as they’re caught by Mr. Shukla …who mistaking them to be students of Excel starts scolding …to which as usual, Armaan makes up a story …but then suddenly he notices Armaan holding the handcuffs n asks him about it …but yet again, Armaan is able to mislead him n leaves Sid with Mr. Shukla.

Scene shifts to Sanjeevani, where our handsome Greek God appearing Sam-Mayank are getting out of the area …they get into a lift, where Sam suggests that they need to go back to the club to find out what happened last night …hearing which, Mayank says ‘WE? …there’s no ‘WE’ n I don’t wanna go anywhere with you’ …n after this as they walk out, they see some clothes in the intern room …they get changed n go their separate ways. But just then, they are forced to stand back together coz they hear everyone around laughing up. And so they walk together to see what’s all the fuss about …they enter in the canteen area n see the entire nurse staff, watching TV n laughing …they too see it n are left shocked coz they see themselves drunk n dancing on the screen. And soon Mayank recognizes the girl from the pic on screen …but as Samrat takes another look, he spots Gunjan in the crowd in TV …to this Mayank says ‘what’s? Gunjan …she can’t be there; she’s in…” he stops n Sam asks him to complete his sentence …but Mayank says ‘well Mumbai has given her such memories that she won’t ever come back n you know it yourself” Mayank leaves.

Next scene in Sanjeevani BB court, where we see Shilpa having her warm-up exercise …n then playing BB with some random kids. Just then, Armaan comes there n sits down to tie his shoe-lace …when bb hits him on the head; he turns around n once again comes face-to-face with Shilpa …n he walks to her dribbling the ball with an attitude face …she too has same expressions as she asks him to return the ball …and they get into argument, which then leads to a BB match between them …until when Armaan’s cell rings n he leaves …n they both bid farewell to each other with steamy glares!

And scene continues with some kids, but there’s around Gunjan …they’re knocking the door …but Gunjan inside sitting alone is crying going over what she saw in the club, means Sam-Mayank drunk n dancing together …she feels terrible n says ‘why this happens to me? I never wanted to be away from you, at least not last night in that manner’. Next we see Sam at the club n he’s feeling the presence of Gunjan there as he says that he can sense her around him n also he promises himself to get her back n also feels devastated that how could she be near him n not talk to him. Quickly scene changes to Gunjan, where she’s crying feeling terrible as to how could her Jiju (Mayank) could do such a thing, like happily dancing with Samrat. Then, she picks up Nupur’s photo n says ‘Di why did this happened? You left n every happiness left us too’ …she wipes her tears n gets mad n says ‘I don’t wanna see your ace ever again Samrat’

Scene shifts to Sid, who reaches a shop n asks for water in pure Hindi (all the influence of Mr. Shukla, I guess). Simultaneously, we see Mayank, who is walking alone, wondering that how he landed up drunken n all that stuff …n hopes that Gunjan want around to see him. He says to himself ‘in 3 years I was able to handle myself but today again everything’s going wrong’. Back to Sid, as he takes the pic of him, Armaan n Gunjan in BG n tries to remember where he has seen this girl  …just then, with a blow of wind, he loses that pic …which flies n lands up by Mayank’s feet …he picks it n is shocked to see Gunjan in it …at first he wonders where did this guy get this pic …but soon puts the pieces together n realizes that he has the other half part of the same picture …he takes it out n joins both pieces …n concludes it was taken in ‘Kangaroo Club’. Now Sid too see the joined in pic n soon recognizes the ring he’d bought for Riddhima …n asks Mayank who’s the girl in the pic …in reply, Mayank quiets him n asks ‘what’s Gunjan doing in their pic?’ he says he doesn’t know …Mayank feels that may be Gunjan was there n she saw him with Sam …he feels guilty. But also he decides to stop Sam meeting Gunjan …n so for this, he drags Sid with to the club.

Next scene, we see, Armaan wondering why he isn’t able to remember anything from last night …just when, a cell rings, he checks his pockets n finds nothing …but finds 1 stuck in his shoe …takes out, picks it …its Sid, who after having yelled at him, asks Armaan to come to the club coz he found his ring …Armaan hesitates, but as soon as Sid tells him that he’d bought that ring for Ridz, Armaan melts saying ‘ok, ok you alwaz get me by your senti talks …I’m coming’

At the Club, Sid-Mayank bump into Samrat …where he too takes look at both parts of the pic n says to Mayank that he was right about Gunjan being at the club …they get into argument. And Sid softly asks Sam if he knows where he can find the girl from their piece of the pic …but he says he doesn’t know. Sid is confused, but then Sam asks him about the guy in the pic …just then, enters Armaan …n just as he n Sid are talking …there comes the manger of the club, who welcomes them smilingly n congratulates them on having a great show last night …to this Samrat asks him what happened last night …to which the manger says ‘you all were here n then your friend ‘Benji’ came up with a plan”  Sam-Mayank are shocked to hear the mention of ‘Benji’ …n so begins the flashback for all about the last night…

Flashback: it so begins, as Sid-Armaan reach the club …n so does Sam-Mayank, n Samrat asks him if he too received an anonymous call …Mayank feels irritated n says that he knows that it must be Samrat’s another prank. And next minute, Sid-Armaan are offered ‘welcome drinks’ they take it …but as the waiter returns, the manger scolds him saying that the drinks weren’t for them, instead they were for Sam-Mayank …n so he gives drinks to them as well …all four drink up their glasses n…

Scene continues with Sam-Mayank …where unaware of what they drank, Sam asks ‘you left without seeing me or saying anything to me? Didn’t you miss out friendship?” …instantly Mayank turns n replies ‘we miss sweet memories not nightmares’ …to this Samrat says ‘but you have no idea about the nightmares I’ve been having …I die everyday’ …hearing this, Mayank again yells up saying ‘don’t …don’t you mention the word ‘die o death’ coz I was the closest to who died that day…” there’s silence between them. Then, Mayank says ‘I wish she was with me…I wish; …I wish I hadn’t met you …so please let the things the way they are’ …Samrat feels helpless n teary as he tries to convince Mayank otherwise.

Scene shifts to Sid-Armaan, n they too are dunk …n going goody-goody plus weird on each other …n soon they get into arguing over Riddhima …which soon turns into a fight. On the other hand, Mayank asks Samrat to stop with his pleads or else …at this point, he sees Sid-Armaan fighting n tearing each other’s shirt …so Mayank says to Samrat that he’ll get the same treatment, if he doesn’t stop talking …Samrat who’s seeming more drunk than Mayank replies ‘I don’t care! Take out for frustration coz even if Gunjan doesn’t forgive me …you will, for Nupur’s sake” …just as he mentions Nupur’s name, Mayank gets mad n tears off Sam’s shirt n leaves …to this Samrat all spinning says ‘I am not scared …I wasn’t before n I’m not now either’ …he follows him. And soon all four wind up in the same spot fighting  …but Sam-Mayank soon stop fighting …seeing which, Sid says ‘hey guys, why aren’t you fighting’ …that makes them fight again …the mange comes in between, but they throw him away …right then, we see that Shilpa is watching them all from a distance …n she orders ‘lights out’ …n so it does.

And in that darkness, someone (may be Shilpa) puts handcuffs on them as pairs …then she comes forwards n announces to the audience that these guys will be putting up a ‘strip show’ for them …after which she softly tells the boys that its for charity for underprivileged kids ….n they all being drunk agree willing.

And so begins the dance n the show …just when, enters Gunjan in the club n sees Sam-Mayank dunk n dancing!!!

Back to the present: where after listening to all this, the four of them are left shocked n asks the manager to continues telling …in reply he says that after that he went to call the police …but the rest of the story can be put together by the girl in the pic …Sid wonders how? N Samrat asks for Gunjan …but Armaan n Mayank try to leave as it doesn’t involve them …yet they’re stopped by their partners. The manager sees this n says ‘before you guys stat fighting again, I’ve a solution: the girl in pic with Sam-Mayank is about o have her show for charity …n the girl in pic with Sid-Mayank knows that girl” n also he gives the direction to their rooms …n Samrat-Sid run towards their resp. directions.

And scene continues with Samrat, as he reaches the room he was told about, he knocks n starts saying ‘I know you’re inside …n if you’ll come out right now, that’ll be for me n in my arms; I’ve been waiting for you for so long…but today, i wont let you go anywhere n you’d have to listen to me (he kneels down on 1 knee) …I Love You!” …he closes his eyes n spreads out his arms for Gunjan, once again expressing his emotions …the door opens n…

…and scene changes to Sid marches in Gunjan’s room all angry n starts yelling ‘arne you ashamed for stealing …you stole my ring …how could you …n what did you do to me last night” Gunjan stands there confused …just when Armaan too comes there n noticing that its not Shilpa, Sid is yelling at …he tries to tell this to Sid …but he raged by his anger doesn’t listen to him n continue with his blaming n also says to Armaan ‘see how innocent she’s acting like a complete different person from the pic’ …at this Armaan says ‘coz she’s a different girl’. Sid is shocked! He takes a look at the pic …n Armaan goes ‘photo dekh, usko dekh; photo dekh, usko dekh” …his eyeballs follow his voice like anything …n finally he making a cute tone says “Sorry’ n runs our the room. Then Armaan apologizes on his behalf n takes an exit.

Back to the door, where Samrat is confessing n pouring his heart out …the door opens n we see, in a short dress Shilpa standing in front of him, she looks at him cutely …leans down n strikes his forehead saying ‘sweetty’ …Samrat opens his eyes n is shocked not to find Gunjan there …then Shilpa leaves. After which, Samrat says to himself that he’s got to find Gunjan …“what’s the need of it’ asks Mayank, joining him there …n continues ‘may be Gunjan isn’t here!’ …to this Samrat says ‘no, I feel that chashmish is here …n I’m gonna find her’ he leaves. Next we see Shilpa running in the hallway n Samrat running after her …behind whom Mayank is coming …followed by Sid …n lastly Armaan running after her too. Finally they reach the stairs n by herself, this Shilpa girl character stops …spots-light on her as she waves her arms in the air to her audience. And without any warning they all become part of Shilpa’s show again today …n so begins the show, where once again, these four guys, all get drunk too n start dancing with this girl, Shilpa (except Sid, who hides away) on the song ‘Dhanno’ from the movie ‘Housefull’

People on the floor

Come and get some more
People on the floor

Take it away

Dhanno oh dhanno oh dhanno dhanno hey
Oh dhanno oh dhanno oh dhanno

Main raaj dilon pe karti hoon
Mannchaley hai dhanno naam mera

Dhanno oh dhanno oh dhanno dhanno hey

Yeh soch ke mushkil badh gayi hai
Jaaney kya hoga hashr tera

Dhanno oh dhanno oh dhanno dhanno hey

Merey nooraani chechrey se
Na teri nazar hategi
Na terey din guzreingey
Na teri raat kategi kategi kategi…

Apni to jaisey taisey
Thodi aisey ya waisey kat jayegi
Oh Apni to jaisey taisey
Thodi aisey ya waisey kat jayegi
Aapka kya hoga janaab-e-aali
Aapka kya hoga
Apney aagey na peechhey
Na koi upar neechey
Roney wala na koyi roney wali
Janaab-e-aali aapka kya hoga…

…meanwhile the three boys are dancing around this girl, we see Gunjan coming there n once more seeing Samrat n her Jiju together, drunk n having fun.

And on the other side, its Sid, who tries to get his ring from Shilpa with the help of a fishing stick he found  …but what he doesn’t know is that Armaan too is making attempt to get the ring for Sid. And as Armaan gets too close to Shilpa …n they look into each other’s eyes, (Karan looks soooo cute) its like the time stops n they’re lost in one another …n after moments of staring, they break out …n the song concludes up!

After the show, as Shilpa is walking to her room, Sid jumps up to her n yells ‘you thief …aren’t you ashamed of stealing; if somebody stole your ring, how would you feel …return me, my ring” Shilpa looks at the ring n asks ‘so this is your ring …well if i hadn’t been around you’d have thrown it away …so thank me!” Sid recalls what he did last night n makes the cutest Sorry face …Shilpa then asks him ‘so you wear girl’s ring?’ …he replies with a puppy face ‘this isn’t my …its my wife’s ring”

Scene shifts to Gunjan, who’s going back to her room crying …when Mayank calls out to here, n she turns …he walks to her …they hug each other. After which, Mayank asks ‘you were going without meeting me?’ she nods a soft, crying ‘No!’ n says that she didn’t know that he’d be here …to this he says ‘n don’t you know that Samrat too is here!’ …n before their convo gets ahead, they spot Samrat in the corridor searching for Gunjan. And Gunjan says that she doesn’t wanna see Samrat …they’re about to leave, when Samrat sees them …he calls out to them …but no use.

Back to the other group, where Armaan joins then n unknowingly starts yelling at Shilpa blaming her of stealing the ring …just when Sid puts up the ring in front of him …n he is silenced …n Shilpa says ‘said it all …now you say’ she orders Sid …n he tells Armaan ‘she returned the ring n it was our fault’ …to this Armaan after a deep breath calms his anger n slaps Sid …in return to which Sid says sorry …Armaan says ‘its Ok’ ..Sid quiets him n says ‘I’m not saying it to you …I’m asking you to say it to this girl …I’ve already said it’ …Armaan making faces n after many hesitance says ‘Sorry’ …to which she says ‘as long as we don’t meet again, its ok’ “I’ll make sure” replies Armaan instantly …they both share ‘Okay’ to this hope …n yet again they share a angry but passionate stare …they go their separate ways.

Scene shifts to Gunjan n Mayank who are leaving the club …as they reach the exit, the doormen asks Mayank ‘Sir, last night you were n we dropped you with your friend to Sanjeevani n the other ones to Excel …where do you want us to take you tonight’  …Mayank recalls the morning scene n says ‘the guys who’s coming after us, asks him, he’ll tell you everything” they walk away. Just then, Samrat reaches the doormen n they stop him asking the same question …but till they ask him n he tells them to be quite …Gunjan n Mayank are far gone. And so he says to himself ‘I wont give so easily, chashmish; 3 years …3 years I’ve waited for you …n this time you’d have to listen to me …n this time I wont let destiny some between us, instead I’ll change it …for sure!!” …episode ends on his face!!

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11th June 2010:

The episode starts where it had left off …means Gunjan welcoming Ashwini (Ash) …n then Gunjan asks her about her well being n where she’d been for so many days n also asks her to remover her leather jacket saying shes feeling hot seeing her wear it …at this Ash says that its an old habit …Gunjan feeling her off mood asks what’s wrong …to which Ash starts telling her ‘well Di, I’d never thought that I’d be coming back for counseling, but when I’m surrounded by another storm, I come back to you…back to square one; you know that there was a time that I wanted to take away my own life that’s the reason I used to come here; Di you only used to say that look around you n if you find someone in more pain that you, may then you’ll feel less pain within yourself …n now I think, I’ve found a guy who’s pain is a lot greater than mine; n like me, he too plays hide-n-seek with death everyday” …at this, Gunjan takes look at Nupur’s pic n says ‘when a person dies, everyone n everybody around that person changes …n that’s why instead of chasing death, you two should seek for a single reason to live on” Ria has a mused look

Next scene we’re at Excel for the competition between Ria n Nirbhay …n Samrat says that they both have to write the name of a subject on chits, n Shukla Sir will shuffle n what chit is picked out, they’ll be asked question on it …whoever answers correctly, WINS!! …so we can say that this game isn’t just of brains, but of luck too” he shares a steamy look with Mayank. They both do that; …n moments later, we see Ria gets a ‘Physics’ chit …hearing which, Rohan mutters to himself ‘there’s no difference between Physics n Commerce for Ria” …n then, Mayank gives her a question …n what Ria answers, its correct …Rohan n Nirbhay both are amazed at this. After this, Nirbhay opens his chit n sees his subject as ‘Love’ …n per the rules, Mayank asks him a question on it, which is ‘what is Love?” …to this Nirbhay gets nervous n answers “Love is feeling that we feel when we’re close to someone, like friends …there’s nothing greater than friendship in life” …by this, Samrat recalls his moments with Mayank n the gang …he starts feeling teary n excuses himself from there …Mayank follows him. The gathering is dispersed n Rohan comes up to Ria n says ‘Wow Sis, I’m sure our ancestors would be showering flowers on you today …Physics, Whoa!!”  …then he once again messes with Nirbhay.

Back with Ash, where Gunjan continues to say ‘you’ll have to forget your past n move on’ …n Ash gets irritated n asks ‘how do I move on Di, it’s just so difficult; Di, were you ever in any similar situation?’ …Gunjan is shocked n looks at her n Nupur’s pic n says ‘well I didn’t give up, I’m still trying …n so should you; go to him n be with him …n most of the time, people who say they want to be left alone, are really the one’s who need support of all”.

And with this we’re back to the person who really needs support …means Samrat, he’s in his office drinking something …when Mayank comes in n angrily asks him ‘what’s this Samrat, why didn’t you let Nirbhay complete his answer …I know why you wanted Ria to win …I know coz she’ll bring in funds in this college” …to this Samrat with a sad face says ‘it nothing like it’ …but Mayank doesn’t listens n blames him again n again …n finally leaves.

*Its updated…

Back to Excel, where Ria tells Rohan that she wasn’t intending on winning …to which Rohan says that she was destined to win. And then he turns to Nirbhay …n after a heated argument, they challenge each other for a boxing competition …then Rohan leaves. After which Ria walks to Nirbhay n says ‘omg Pralay (she’s still wrong with his name) what did you do? My bro is the boxing champion of this college, now you’re gone’ …at this Nirbhay says ‘I too have had my share of boxing matches (Kushtian toh maine bhi bahut ladi hai, lekin akhade mein …ab yeh toh waqt hi batayega ki kismet kitna dum hai}’ …n Nirbhay leaves. After standing all alone, Ria gets befuddled by the word ‘Kushti’  …n so she asks Shukla Sir …who is reply answers her in straight Hindi …at which Ria says ‘Sir I didn’t get a word what you said, but tonight in the college courtier everything what you said will happen between my bro Rohan n ‘Nirrlaj’ (she means Nirbhay) …giving this information, Ria exits the room …n Sir is left wondering.

And the scene shifts to Samrat as he walks into that club/bar …he goes up to the waiter n asks about the girl he was dancing with yesterday (he means ASH) …n the bartender thinks n replies ‘oh you mean Ash’ …n then Sam gets her contact number from him …n makes the call …on the other side, we see Ash’s cell ringing, but instead of her, Gunjan is near the phone coz Ash isn’t there, so Gunjan picks up the phone. But unluckily due to bad connection the call is disconnected …n right then, Ash returns …the cell rings again, n she takes the phone from Gunjan. Well Gunjan leaves the room to give her some privacy. And on the phone, after getting to know each other’s name, Samrat asks for forgiveness from Ash saying, “I’m sorry for how I behaved, I crossed my limit n being the college trustee, I shouldn’t have behaved like that with you’ …to this she quickly replies ‘I’m not a student of your college’ …to which then Samrat asks ‘why don’t you behave normal like other girls of nice families?’ …hearing this now Ash gets angry n says ‘oh so now you have a problem with my family too …save your lecturing for someone else” saying this she hangs up on him. And then, Gunjan walks in n asks her ‘who was it?’ …ash replies ‘him, the guy i was telling you about!’

Last scene, to Samrat …he’s just wondering alone when his cell rings …n whoever is on the other side, tells Sam ‘your friend, Mayank’s life was in danger …he need you n you should get to Kangaroo Bar’ (I think I got tht right) …Samrat is shocked to hear this! …episode ends!!

10th June 2010:

The episode starts where it had left off …means, the flashback of Mayank waking up from his unconscious state at the hospital …but b’coz of his condition, the Doc n nurse force him to rest, as he doesn’t have the body strength. Yet he makes effort n asks them for Nupur n his friends …n just then, as his answer, Gunjan enters the room …he sits up n asks her about Nupur …to which Gunjan says nothing, just walks to him with a shocked n terrified face n tearful eyes (during these few steps of her, we see flashback scenes of Nupur). And once again Mayank asks Gunjan “where is Nupur?’ …to this, she places her on his shoulder n says ‘Jiju, you need to be strong …n you must remember one thing, that no matter what happens, I’ll alwaz be with you” …hearing all this, Mayank is even more scared n asks her as to why is she saying all this?  …n like his worst nightmare, Gunjan brings forward her hand, in which she’s holding Nupur’s drenched in blood ‘dupatta’ …Mayank is still not believing, he’s confused n so he takes the piece of clothe from Gunjan …n as soon as he takes it, something drops out …they both take a look – its Nupur’s mangalsutra broken n scattered on the floor …Mayank-Gunjan have tears in their eyes (n again we’re taken to some sweet flashbacks  of Nupur with Mayank) …n with passing by second, the feeling sinks into Mayank…n …n he screams out ‘NUPUR!’ n bursts into tears …Gunjan instantly holds onto him to console him …and to safeguard the most precious  possession of her sister left behind – her Jiju – Mayank!! (cant bear the scene …its sooo heart-breaking!)

Back to the present, the scene is with Mayank …he’s holding the heart-shaped locket (a gift by Nupur) …n then, he remembers the moment, when she presented it to him …n once again with tearful eyes, he says “I hate u, Nupur …tum mujhe chod ke kaise jaa sakti ho? …tumne apna promise toda hai Nupur …I Hate you!! {I hate you, Nupur …how can you leave me like this? …you’ve broken your promise}”

And scene shifts to Samrat, who is too lost in the memories of that dreadful day …he’s sitting alone in the dark  …n he too is talking to Nupur (her spirit) n says ‘yeh tumne theek nahi kiya Nupur …uss dinn tumhe nahi, mujhe marna chahiye tha …tumne mujh se meri maut (death) chhin lee hai Nupur {you didn’t do right Nupur …that day not you, rather I should’ve died …you’ve snatched away my death from me, Nupur} …his heart is choked with guilt n eyes with tears …n he too goes back to that day, when he regained consciousness …its so Happened: when he woke up, he saw his Mom by his side …he sits up, looks around to find his ‘chashmish’ n his friends …n before he could ask anything, his Mom speaks up n says ‘your friends have left …they’ve left you this locket n this ring; n your friend Nupur…she …she isn’t in this world anymore’ …as soon as Sam hears this, he falls back to the bad sideline with shock …n next minute, he starts yelling ‘I killed her ..I killed Nupur’ he keeps repeating it …finally his Mom stops him n says ‘why are you thinking this ..your friends don’t think this …n so they hadn’t said anything like it to the police too’ …at this, Samrat says ‘Kash unhone mera naam liya hota …mujhe saza di hoti …kuch toh kaha hota …ab mujhe saza kaun dega…kaun dega? …main khud ko saza kaise du …kaise du?? {I wish they had said my name to them …they would’ve pushed me …would’ve said something …now who’ll punish me…who? how do I punish myself …how Mom??}” …n at this, his Mom yells n tells him to have control on himself.

And we’re back to the present once again, where Samrat with tears rolling down his cheeks says ‘I am Sorry chashmish …I really Sorry, please mujhe maaf kar doh; joh bhi mere kareeb aata hai, main usse khud se durr kar deta hu {please forgive me! …whoever comes near me, I push them away}”

And the continuing scene changes to his chashmish, means Gunjan …who’s holding a pic of Nupur is crying n she says ‘Main tumhe dekh bhi nahi payi, Di {I wasn’t even able to see you Di}”. And simultaneously at Mayank’s place, where he’s holding that locket in his hand n remembering his lovely wife, Nupur …n he says “kaise rahunga main tumhare bina Nupur {how will I be able to continue to exist without you Nupur}” …and with this we see all three of them sad n crying for their reasons… (n its “Bin Tere Kya Hai Jeena’ from the movie ‘Woh Lamhe’ being played in the BG) with flashback scenes of Nupur.

it’s updated…

Next scene, its new day …n we’re at Excel, where the all the new students are gathered n in the middle we see, Nirbhay n Ria sitting face-to-face (for the competition, Mayank asked for) …n next walk in Mr. Shukla n Mayank. Rohan too joins in …he gives a supportive look to his sis Ria n shares angry stare with Nirbhay …seeing Rohan, Mayank asks him to sit down …to which he says tht he can only see 1 seat today n thts her sister’s …n Nirbhay barges in saying ‘you know its a saying, that one shouldn’t talk a lot before competition …coz after losing, its gets quite shameful; I’ve gained this seat with my hardwork n it’ll remain mine” …rohan replies ‘well, only time will tell that” n he takes his seat …he give thumbs up to his sister. And then, Mayank turns to Sir n asks ‘its about time, where Samrat?”

And scene changes to Gunjan …where firstly we get to see he name plate, which tells us that she’s a ‘Counselor’ now …n she’s talking to a boy n says ‘thts fine, there’s no need of ‘Sorry or Thnx’ in our relation ..its only trust tht we should have on each other, ok? (boy nods ‘Ok’) …n always remember, no matter what/many problems we face in life, we all have the strength in ourselves to overcome the …its only that we’ve to find n understand our strengths, Ok? …whenever you lose your temper again, just meditate like I said n concentrate on something nice, you remember it, don’t you?” …he says ‘Ok’ …n so Gunjan bids him bye with the assignment to be ready tomorrow  …lastly she asks him if he’s still maintaining the diary …coz with that she’ll be reviewing his progress after a week.

And we’re back to college …everyone is waiting for Samrat …it gets noisy, so Mr. Shukla orders them to be quiet …n next minute, enters Samrat in the hall n seeing him, its pin-drop silence in there …he walks in n takes his seat, beside Mr. Shukla. And at such arrival of Sam, he says it’s very strange, there was a time when the news of Samrat’s doings used to arrive before him n there used to be so much noise n chaos in this college …but now it gets still n quite …see n think!” …to this Mayank replies “Sir, time, circumstances n incidents can change everything” …Sir ask him what he means …so he rephrases n says ‘nothing Sir, I only mean that things don’t take much time to change” he once again talks about their friendship, which makes both Sam n Mayank uncomfortable n they don’t say anything. Then Samrat to move on asks Mayank about the competition …n he replies “coz you came late Mr. Shergill, I was sure that you must still be thinking about this …now you only tell what is the competition” …Samrat takes deep breath n then says “Sorry, I haven’t thought about it till now …has anything happened on my thinking, it all a play of destiny …so let’s do one thing, let destiny decide what to do …after all, whatever happens in our life, its only destiny’s decision” …Sam looks at Mayank like defending himself …but he gives him an angry look back!.

With this, we’re back at Gunjan’s office …where someone comes to meet him …she gets up from her seat to see who it is …n as she moves forward, the girl comes up to Gunjan …n seeing her just lightens up Gunjan’s face n they share a hug. And as the angel changes …we see its Ash that’s hugging Gunjan …n after they break off Gunjan calls out her name as “Ashwini’ …episode ends on her face!!

8th June 2010:

The episode begins with the entry of a car, followed by bodyguards, in Excel …we see a girl getting out of the car, wearing short pink dress …she turns n we see her name as ‘RIA’ ….she then, walks inside the college (she appears very much like season 1 Dia; well Dia was better) ….as this girl reaches in, walking through the corridor when she notices that everyone just poofs away on seeing her …she feels odd n also notices the scattered pamphlets on the floor, she picks one n reads it ‘Ria –Rohan’s sister. Stay away!!’ she gets annoyed on reading it n is very much sure that her bro, means Rohan did it …just then Rohan himself comes there …she angrily asks him as to why did he told everyone to stay away from her in the college …to this he replies ‘well I’m your elder brother’ …n Ria says irritated ‘oh yes, tow minute elder (they’re twins) …n then she says that he can try as much as to admit her in Excel but she’s try as hard to the opposite …Rohan tries to talk to her …but being so mad she walks out on him.

Next scene continues with her as she’s wandering in the college …n whenever she attempts to talk to a guy, he runs away …finally she spots a guy sitting alone n she wonders ‘if he hasn’t read Rohan’s pamphlet or is he a watchman’. Ria goes up to him n she addresses to him as ‘watchmen’…but when he doesn’t listen …she stoops down n screams into his ear ‘I’m talking to you’ …its Nirbhay she’s talking to …he rubs his ear, n asks her what she wants …to this she asks him if he knows her classroom …he replies that he isn’t the watchman …so she asks him his name …he gets up n tells his name ‘Nirbhay Awasthi’ …she isn’t able to understand the meaning so he tells her ‘Nirbhay mean the one who’s fearless’ …now at this Ria says ‘don’t worry, till you’re in this college, you’ll fear at every step I take’  …to this Nirbhay says ‘don’t you think, you should be in a college, but a ZOO!” she left like ‘huh!’ …n as she tries to scold him, he walks away …she follows him…

On the way, Mayank sees them both n recalls how Nupur too used to follow him around if she wanted to say something …n when he comes back to reality, he says ‘I cannot do this, I cannot come back to Excel’

Next scene, in the class, everyone is taking their seat according to their roll numbers …but when it comes to Nirbhay n Ria …they go in for the same seat …Shukla Sir ask them their roll no. …to which they both tell their roll no. as ‘32’ …just then Rohan like a big bro comes in (more like stupid big bro) …n so begins a heated argument between Nirbhay n Rohan …n then Ria pulls away Nirbhay aside n smilingly says to Rohan ‘I think there’s some confusion n I didn’t get admission here’ Rohan asks her to be quite. Finally Sir asks them all to leave …but no one does. And then enters our sad hero Samrat n orders Rohan to leave as he’s on 2 week suspension …he goes away. Then Sam asks Ria to stay in n takes Nirbhay away with him. Scene continues with Samrat walking in the corridor with Nirbhay …n he’s just begging Samrat that he’d won this seat in scholarship n its his Mom’s dream …n right then, a voice comes ‘committing mistakes is his old habit” …Samrat turns to the voice n see Mayank standing in front of him …there’s once again anger boiling in the air …Samrat says that he cannot say in the internal matters of the college which Mayank walk up to him n says ‘here’s my appointment letter …I’m accepting the Prof. post; now can I speak for this boy?’ …then Sam asks him why did he refuse the offer the first time? …n Mayank replies ‘there’s only one reason for rejecting n accepting this offer …n its YOU!” …he recalls of the accident day. Then Samrat says that he’s already allotted the seat to Ria …hearing this, Mayank says ‘fine so we have two candidates n one seat …so lets have a competition between them both’ …Samrat agreeing to him, turns to Nirbhay n says ‘we’ll see you tomorrow then’ he leaves. Then Samrat offers his hand to Mayank n says ‘welcome to Excel, Mr. Sharma” Mayank handshakes with him n leaves in anger. After which, Sam says to himself ‘I’ve waited three years for this day …n now begins my repenting time’ someday you’ll be able to forgive but chashmish will never be”

Next scene, at some club, we see Samrat having drink after drink …n lost in the thoughts of his ‘chashmish’ …after a while, he gets up to leave, when he bumps into Ash n she asks him ‘you…what are you doing here” …n totally drunk Sam replies ‘Dance…i’m trying to dance here’ saying this he takes Ash with him to the dance floor. Scene continues with them dancing …n Samrat having flashes of Gunjan in Ash …he feels so much pain n tries to get her thought out of his mind! But then thinking of Gunjan, he pulls Ash close to him n dances with her

At the same time, we see Gunjan trying to persuade an unhappy little boy to have his juice n not to be angry at his parents …to which this boy madly says ‘I hate this …n I hate my parents’ just as Gunjan hears this, she recalls the moment when Sam said the same thing …but this comes back the memories of the sweet moments she’d spent with Samrat …the screen spilt in half n we see both Sam-Gunjan going through the same pain but for different reasons …the pain of being away from each other …episode ends on them!!

9th June 2010:

The episode begins with repetition of a short scene from the previous episode, where Gunjan is asking a little boy to finish his juice …to which this boy madly says ‘I hate this …n I hate my parents’ just as Gunjan hears this, she recalls the moment when Sam said the same thing …but this comes back the memories of the sweet moments she’d spent with Samrat. But she holds back her emotions n says to him that he shouldn’t says like this n then she asks him whatever he wants she’ll do it so that he listens to him n drinks up the juice …the boy thinks for a minute n then says “so sing a song to me’ …Gunjan gets sad n says she cant sing …but to this boy says ‘No, I know you can, I’ve heard you singing’ …at this she flashback the time when Samrat insisted her to sing in the talent parade …n so she agrees to the little boy n starts singing ‘Yeh Zindagi…’ n as she begins singing, in Mumbai Samrat feels like he’s able to hear her. Back to Gunjan, where she is able to make the boy drink up the juice, n so she tells him to go to bed. After which she brings an album n seeing the photos goes through all the memories n finally the moment, when she got engaged to Samrat n her sister was with her.

Scene with Samrat, where while dancing Ash tries to talk to him n says ‘well I can say that what you appear, you’ll actually not like that, right?’ hearing this, he quickly twirls her n pulls her close …but doesn’t answer her question. And then she once again asks Sam ‘hey are you ok? Look we’re friends’ as soon as Sam hears this, he throws her away n says ‘stop it …who are you to ask me anything, you’re not my friend, I want to be alone n I come here so that I can be lost in this crowd …I don’t need any friend n don’t you dare come near me …do you understand me?” …to this Ash very coolly replies ‘look i didn’t mean to, ok!” …yet again Samrat yells at her n says ‘so what did you mean …its very easy to deliver talks about life but the one who suffers can only know the depth of pain; what have you seen in life …you’re just a kid’ Ash leave quietly on this …n we see Samrat, tears rolling down his cheeks expressing all his pain that he’s going through!!

Next scene, its Nirbhay taking shelter at Excel with the help of the guard (by paying him money) …as he goes in to keep his stuff, the guard hears someone humming …so when Nirbhay returns he asks if he has bad throat, he replies yes but wonders how the guard knows it …to this guard tells him that he knew coz he heard him singing …Nirbhay strictly says ‘I wasn’t singing’ …n just then they both hear the humming again …the guard goes to check it …but from the other direction enters, Ria n Nirbhay sees her n hides away …he attempts to grab his stuff outside but Ria spots him …she comes to him. And instantly he speaks up ‘hey don’t tell anyone that I was here or else the matter will be exaggerated’ …to this Ria says ‘look what’s your name… ‘Nirlajj’ …to hear this, Nirbhay feels happy n thinks ‘gr8 that she hasn’t noted my name yet, even if anyone asked her, she’ll keep on turning pages of her mind’s dictionary”  …n then Ria tells him that she’s here to find her ring …n once again they get into silly arguments …when Nirbhay hears someone’s foot taping n asks her to be quite saying ‘shhh…’ to this Ria says ‘hey don’t shhh me coz no one has ever done such a thing to me’ …n Nirbhay very sweetly says ‘chalo…maine aisa kuch toh kiya, joh aaj tak kisi aur ne nahi kiya …now be quite” …n they fight …Mayank who’s watching them from a distance yet again remembers how he n Nupur used to have similar moments …n a soft fills up his face!

Scene shifts to the club, where Rohan enters in …n on the other hand, its Ash, who  after being yelled at by Samrat is about to leave when some guys try to misbehave with her …n seeing this Rohan says to himself ‘every time I only have to be the hero’ n he interrupts in n the guys not wanting to be in any mess leave. And then as Rohan turns n sees Ash he acts surprised n says ‘you …I’ve saved you …why do you alwaz fall in front of me? Ok so now that I’ve helped you, you may thank me’ …to this Ash rudely replies ‘look there’s no need to be so goody-goody all the time ….n don’t try to pretend for me; the mistake in life is to be dependant on anyone …1 minute here n the next somewhere else” she walks away n Rohan is confused by her talks n he sys ‘what did she just say …but whatever it was, it was great!”

Back to Excel, where Ria-Nirbhay are still arguing …Mayank breaks in n asks Ria if she found what she was looking for …she replies ‘No, I was looking for but this guy disrupted me’ …at this Mayank says ‘sometimes whatever we’re looking for, its right in front of our eyes”  n he points her to the ring on the floor …she picks it n feels happy n says thnx …then she again addresses Nirbhay with wrong name n leaves. Mayank goes to Nirbhay n asks why did she call him with other name …to which he says ‘Sir ignore it or there’ll be a short circuit’ Mayank smiles n then asks him as what is he doing here so late? …to this being hesitant Nirbhay tells him ‘Sir actually i don’t have a place to stay n the watchman said he could provide me something in 100 bucks’ …to this Mayank whispers ‘hamare time mein toh free hota tha {it used to be free in our times}’ n he remembers the time when after getting married to Nupur, they n their friends sneaked into the college quietly. And so Mayank offers him another place …n they both leave. And next we come to know that Mayank has brought Nirbhay to his own place n he shows him the way to the guest room …but as he about to walk, he freezes on seeing Nupur’s pic …Mayank turns n asks ‘what’s wrong?’ ..n Nirbhay pointing to the pic says ‘Sir, its just that…’ Mayank looks at the pic n says nothing.

Scene shifts to Gunjan, where she’s looking at the pictures of her sister n the album n gets teary n says ‘you couldn’t meet before leaving’ n with this, she for the first time, goes back in flashback about the accident …where after regaining consciousness, as she asks the nurse for her sister, Samrat n jiju Mayank …the nurse tells her nothing n exists the room …but minutes later when she comes back, she gives Gunjan Nupur’s dupatta soaked in blood …Gunjan is terrified on the very thought of losing her sister …n then she in her weakened state only runs n searches the hospital for her Jiju.

Right that minute, Mayank too becomes conscious screaming out Nupur’s name …but that is past …in present he’s remembering all this, holding Nupur’s locket in his hands …the heart-shaped locket that was a gift from Nupur …episode ends!!

7th June 2010:

The episode begins continuing from the previous episode, where on asking of Panditji, Mayank tells him the name of the person who’s barsi he’s performing …n its “Nupur Mayank Sharma’ his eyes are filled with so much pain as he takes a look at Nupur’s photo n remembers all the nice moments spend together …n just then, suddenly the pic is about to fall, but like alwaz Mayank holds it n looking at it asks ‘tum mujhe chod ke toh nahi jaogi nah, Nupur?” …n then Panditji asks him to take back his seat n so Mayank does. Right this minute, we see Nupur (her spirit) walking towards Mayank …she’s looking absolutely beautiful in the red sari …as Mayank is lost in her memories…while she sits by him n whispers a reply to his question ‘Kabhi nahi’ then, she tries to touch his hair but then doesn’t n gets up n walks away (with ‘kya hua yeh’ playing in the BG) …a few forward, she turns to look at Mayank n then fades away …n Mayank has tearful eyes!

Scene continues with Mayank …as its night time, n all alone he once again looks at the  appointment letter from Excel …n wonders ‘why is that Samrat wants me to join Excel again’ n finally he decides that he cannot go back to Excel.

Next scene, we’re at a new place, where we see some kids playing …n a girl calls out to them n seeing her, everyone screams out ‘Didi’ n drag her with them to play …n so she joins them. Minutes later, a maid sort of character comes n says ‘Didi, it’s a call for you’ …the girl takes it n instantly says on phone ‘Haan Jiju’ saying this she turns …n we see …its ‘GUNJAN’ (she’s alive). The scene continues with Gunjan-Mayank convo …at first they just talk about Nupur n how they feels her presence all around her. And then Mayank tells her that he’d got a job offer from Excel …initially Gunjan is happy n congrats Mayank …but as soon as she hears ‘Excel’ she interrupts him n says ‘Jiju, you know nah that I don’t like talking about Excel or people related to it’ n so they don’t continue their talk ahead n hang up. Scene continues with Gunjan as she goes back inside n we see her lighting a Diya in front of Nupur’s photo (n once again ‘kya hua yeh’ playing in BG) as Gunjan flashbacks her moments with Nupur n Samrat.

Its next day at Excel, where we see some guy distributing pamphlets to everyone saying, “Ria is coming” …n another random student, asks this guy ‘who’s Ria?’ …n gets his reply from Rohan ‘she’s my sister n I want all the boys to remain at least 6 feet away from her” …at the same time someone hands over a pamphlet to Shukla Sir too he asks Rohan the same thing n gets the same reply.

Simultaneously, Ria is being the topic of Sam n his Mom’s convo as she tells Sam that ia is the daughter of a very high class builder …to which Samrat shows her the file of another student who deserves the college seat more than Ria …but his Mom try to convince him otherwise saying that they cannot run a college being just charitable n also points out that this persons background isn’t very impressive too …to which Samrat puts his point saying ‘Mom, he’s more deserving candidate’ …but his Mom strictly says ‘the background he’s coming from, he wont be able to fit in!”

And so scene shifts to this new character …n we see a tall guy walking into Excel campus …just then this guy sees some students on motorbikes pestering another, they hit him n he falls down n also drops his glasses. And so this new guy goes to the fallen fellow to help him. Then, as the guy on motorbike starts up to leave, he realizes that he isn’t able to move his bike …he turns back n sees this helping fellow holding up his bike …n so the camera shifts to hi face n we get to know his name as ‘NIRBHAY”

Scene continues with Nirbhay as he walks inside the college with the guy he helped …n on their way someone gives them the pamphlet about Ria …but Nirbhay without seeing refuses to take it …Rohan sees this n stops him …but Nirbhay pays no attention to him n turns to leave, when a friend of Rohan hits Nirbhay’s bag fall off with a Basketball. But yet again, Nirbhay not making a scene, picks up his bag n the BB n walks away …after a few steps Rohan says to him ‘will e have to ask for our ball now, or are you shying?’ …to this Nirbhay throws the bb without even turning …n it lands into the ‘Basket’ …everyone is left stunned.

Back to Samrat n his mom …Samrat is convincing his Mom saying ‘you know, people who come from small town have the spirit to achieve something n reach high goals …but to this too his Mom being persistent is still is favor of Ria …lastly she orders Samrat to take Ria in Excel n she leaves.

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